New user T Shirt Critique please

Hi All,

Before I submit my first design I thought I would test the water and post it on here first, I'll be grateful for any constructive feedback.

So I'm gona try an image link from photobucket for the first time. I thought i'd steer clear of instagram :D

Hopefully that worked!

This design was inspired by the rating system used by the old Source Hiphop magazine. Five Mics was considered a classic album.

So is this considered 2 or 3 slides?


Rich (aka Bob Dope)

Watch this

nice colors. Its a little hard to tell that its a hand grabbing a mic in the bottom shot. Maybe just do the five mics?

Ryder profile pic Alumni

i thought those were cobra snakes or something

they're pretty vague representations of mics in hands, i get they're supposed to look spraypainted but i'm not sure it's working...

Bob Dope

Thanks guys,

Yes I see what you mean, I got caught up with getting the spray on stencil look and forgot the image detail.

I'll try and rework to add some sharper edges where required. Do you think it would help if I removed some of the upper drips?


The upper drips are fine I just think you could define the hand more or lose it all together.


I could only tell that was a hand around a mic when I was told it was a hand around a mic. You may want to use just the mics (no hand) or detail the hand better. Its a good idea for a design, but its not being represented well enough. I had no clue what the mics and hands were, and wouldnt have been able to figure it out either.

Im not understanding why the design is so blurry, is that part of the spray paint look? Because that may be what's causing the image to look so confusing, and hard to figure out. Any chance of losing some of the blurriness, but keeping the spray paint look?

Bob Dope

Thanks Fred,

I will try and define the edges better tonight. It should also look more like its been sprayed using a stencil to help define the edges, will still have to have a little bleed through though to look authentic.

Worst come to worst I will lose the hand altogether but hopefully I can try and make it work.

Great to have a fresh pair of eyes look at it!



I agree with it being unclear. Just add a little bit more detail and clean it up and it will look really nice! Not sure if I like the mics in a rainbow color. Maybe if you stick with one color (I think red would look nice) and do different shades of it, like dark red to the left and a lighter, pinker red to the right. All up to you :)

timeasley profile pic Alumni

Definitely needs to be more clear. I didn't know they were mics until it was pointed out, just because they're so blurry. My tip is do the mics cleanly, then stick a drop shadow on them in Photoshop using the same colour, 0 distance, 100% opacity, and use some noise on it in the options. That'll give the splattered paint look but keep it easy to see.

Bob Dope

Thanks all, I have completely redrawn the design using the pen tool and my limited knowledge of vector paths! I'm nearly there, will post up again when im happy.

Thanks Tim I will try your tip.

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