Our favorite holiday movies!

What’s your favorite holiday movie? Here are a few Threadstaff faves.

A Christmas Story
“It’s a CLASSIC!!! ... and it isn't Christmas without watching it at least once per year.”
- Laura Cathcart

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
"Remember that part where the cat gets fried from gnawing on a strand of Christmas lights? That's why. Also, when their great aunt does the Pledge of Allegiance at grace? That's why, too."
- Kyle Geib

White Christmas
“I typically hate every musical with burning fires of a thousand suns, but for some reason this one does it for me. The down-on-his-luck General and the soldiers help him out. It's great all around.”
- Billy Carlson

Die Hard
“I've just always loved this movie. Maybe it's weird to have it as my favorite holiday movie, but BACK OFF! WHO ASKED YOU?! I love you.”
- Tristan Hammond

“"Best viewed with the John McClane Cocktail:
1.5 oz Everclear
1.5 oz Stroh
Set on fire and taken as a shot.
Yippee ki yay, MF'er."
- Grant Ferguson

Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas
“It has puppets, it was done by Jim Henson, it has a great message, and the music is great. I still have our original VHS copy and I still cry whenever I hear "When the River Meets the Sea." It struck a chord with me since we grew up rather poor, and it talks about the true meaning of Christmas. And how can you not love a movie that has animals in jugbands and a band called The Riverbottom Nightmare Band?”
- Sarah Roach

The Hebrew Hammer
“Adam Goldberg AND Andy Dick? Nuff said.”
-Christian Picciolini

The Muppet Christmas Carol
“I watch it every year with my family! This movie is like a roller coaster of emotions. You will laugh, cry, hate Scrooge, love Scrooge... it really toys with your feelings. I know all the words and songs by heart. I don't think anyone else in my family actually enjoys this tradition.”
- Leah Fagan

Home Alone
“Best viewed anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Actually, that is the only time you can watch it. Outside of that time frame is illegal in my book. Also, thanks to this movie I know how to booby trap my home against burglars.”
- Betsy Mikel

Love Actually
“Best viewed Friday night eating Thai with the fireplace going and a glass of Pinot Noir, Christmas tree lights on, a holiday scented candle burning, and snow falling outside.”
- Marcella Barcenas

Post your favorites below!

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

way to steal craig's thunder, betsy

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni
jeffreyg said:

way to steal craig's thunder, betsy

hey man, craig didn't fill out the survey. ya snooze, ya lose.


not a movie movie, but one of my fave TZs


oh, episode "night of the meek" ^

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

i don't think anyone was born yet, annie

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I'm at a toss up... I love Home Alone, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and ELF during the holidays. Although I could probably watched ELF on a 24hr repeat marathon and not get sick of it during the holidays :)


My mom is an extra in Home Alone, but nobody around here believes me... :(

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I haven't watched Home Alone in ages.... I just recently watched Love Actually again (which is an amazing movie!) and it's so enjoyable. I liked seeing Andrew Lincoln pre-Walking Dead.

Steger profile pic Alumni

My top 4 Christmas movies I have to watch every year are: 1. White Christmas 2. Elf 3. It's a Wonderful Life 4. Scrooge: Scrooge is by far the one that fewest people have heard of. It's a musical. It has Albert Finney as Scrooge, and Alec "freaking Obi wan" Guiness as Jacob Marley. The best of the Christmas Carol movies in my opinion (aside from the Muppets CC)


Is it bad that, out of the original list, I've only seen Home Alone and Love Actually?


Musarter profile pic Alumni

You guys mentioned all the classics but I must add a underrated gem:

Watch The Ref, Chirstmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story every year.


you know, jeff, you may always be younger than i

but i'll always be cuter and able to kick your ass.


wearecareful profile pic Staff

I don't know how to post videos anymore :(

I just remembered this special from the 80's I used to love as a wee Lance The Monsters Christmas

jesshanebury profile pic Alumni

last night i watched love actually. and i ugly cried. i don't think you are human if that movie doesn't make you cry. WHEN SHE SINGS ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS AND POINTS AT SAM!!!! ugh. except, you know, the part where kira knightly finds out that the wedding video is all of her, that would actually be pretty creepy in real life.

cshimala profile pic Staff

Forgive me Santa for I have sinned by not filling out my survey on time...

This is like picking a favorite child but I have to go with It's A Wonderful Life. The final 9 minutes is pretty much the greatest thing ever.


Meh... found correct ratio...

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Its just not Christmas without a little John McClain tallying Dead German terrorists.


^great movie, but dang, that artwork suckz ballz! *snicker ;)

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