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I haven't done a tribute design before so I have very little idea on whether my latest design will 'pass' copyright rules. I'd definitely appreciate hearing from the artists here who are more familiar with this line of work. But of course, any feedback or opinion in general is welcome... let's just take bets!

Le design:

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Sometimes it depends on the company that owns the rights - for instance Star Wars designs often get rejected or taken down as Lucasfilm has been pretty zealous about it.

IMO, I think this design should be ok - it's not totally obvious it's based on the film, you haven't just copied across their images etc. If Threadless are unsure, they will often not allow the design to go up for scoring - so you're past the first hurdle!

Great design by the way! Really like the red/black/white palette and art style.


Ah, makes sense. Excuse my ignorance, but is it common for companies to be directly involved with this process? Or is Threadless well-practiced enough that they make their own calls? Thanks for the response P0ckets, I appreciate it!

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So far as I know, Threadless will make their own calls on some things, on others shirts can go up for sale, then later the company might get in touch with them to ask for the shirt to be taken down - I think it's happened with some star wars and Alice in Wonderland ones. Unless and until that happens - enjoy some votes!

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