Working with the Templates.

Hey guys, I am in the finishing stages of my design and trying to get my templates and previews set up. I have everything within the requirements, however I am having trouble placing the image ON TOP of the shirt. There is no issue placing it beside the shirt. It seems that they have given me a layer that they want me to use. I've tried placing the image in, simply moving it from it's original file, and I cannot get it on the pre made layer. It also only shows up under the shirt, which is really pointless.

Thank you all!

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yeah i use xiv's templates alot. The threadless standard ones sometimes confuse me by using masks or layer tricks that I don't know in PS. That said I've learned things in PS trying to figure out the templates :D so it's all good.

But I love xiv's templates. I should send him some cookies or something for making my design life easier hehe.

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