Can I put this on a tee?

Can I integrate this into a tee design?

It's a cute friendly alien I made years ago. I have other illustrations with this character. Could upload those if y'all think I could put him on t-shirts with practical possibilities of getting printed.

Watch this

Based on just this illustration I had no idea this was supposed to be an alien until you said so.... so there's that.

The most successful designs on Threadless typically have an extremely strong concept that is usually clever/witty/funny and/or the design showcases unbelievable illustration skills.

I would consider whether this illustration fits into either of those categories before proceeding.


It doesn't matter so much you didn't think it is an alien. It's only a cute character, I suppose. Thanks for the feedback :) though I'm not sure if that's a nod.


i think its good but maybe not for a tshirt.

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