Shipping to Canadia

Anyone experience any weird delays with DHL getting tees from Chicago to Canadia? There's a package that has had the status, "MANIFESTED FOR OUTBOUND TRANSPORTATION" for over a week. Kinda want to kick DHL in the neck.

Watch this

You should draw that. Kicking DHL in the neck.


i think you meant to type "south africa" on the packaging, when you decided to send me a present.

it's cool. easy mistake. try again.


AND when is your Made By happening?


I thought it said "trees" and was going to say "I think Canada has plenty of trees already."

But now I'm just going to picture what a mitchtree is, and how it would get shipped 'cause that's more interesting.

BurritoGoblin profile pic Alumni

Haha Taz ~ sorry and also happy belated birthday. I have no idea when the made by is happening D:

mitchtrees are just douglas firs i water with vodka so they grow up thick and angry.


i bet there are weenies in it, aren't there?

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big thick ones, mannie


What? No dickinabox?


meaty sausage

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