The Bees Knees

So this is a project for one of my intro to dsign classes. We where supposed to make it about bees. Anything that had to do with bees was a go. So I thought about it for a long while and decided that I want to do my project on the saying "the bees kness" meaning something is the best of the best. The point of this shirt is to show that honey is the best thing that bees create hence it is "the bees knees". Its a work in progress, but I was just hoping that I could get some strong feed back on changes or things I should do differently. Or if I should just throw out the Idea and start all over.

Watch this


I like the concept. Might I suggest looking at real bees and toon bees images online to get more inspiration. Hope this helps.

Good luck db


I would use a more appealing yellow, brighter the better! And like dBranes said, check out bees images to get the proportion of his body better. I think their bum is bigger than their torso. It's a good concept and could go further with a little work. Hope this helps. :o)


that is really scary-looking, and i am not sure if that is what you were going for...


yes i think it would help to use a brighter yellow. otherwise i like it. :)


not very readable. Did he smash a bee and is eating his knees? Or is it a pot of goo that is just called bees knees? Kind of confusing

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