Secret Santa Twiggyhall!! :D

Oh my gosh Twiggy/Jen is such an amazing Secret Santa!
I woke up on Saturday morning all super tired and kinda cranky and saw this big box on my kitchen counter and when I saw who it was from it totally made my day!

Seriously how pretty is this box!

First was sweet kitty toys for my little Zelazny. He totally loves them btw but he stops playing with them any time I try to take his picture the little brat.

And most of the things had cute little personalized tags too :)

This stuff is my new favorite! Seriously I have to keep an eye on it that the roomie doesn't swipe it ;)
It's totally my favorite scent too.

Delicious green tea. I made a cup right away cause it smelled so good.

adorable magnets for my fridge :) Love them cause I had like no fridge magnets and now I've got cut ones with kitty's on them and an owl one.

Sweet little traveling rat ornament

And Sausage! hehe from "Dan the Sausageman" lol.

And cheese to go with my sausage heheh

cool knee high socks that I'm wearing right now

BBQ meat seasoning from a local Seattle chef & some delicious apple chips

These things are so delicious they're practically gone already! I just can't stop eating these...

Bath stuff. It smells so good and apparently was made by some dude named Reggie hehe

Some of the nicest smelling soap ever! And even once I opened it the top was carved so pretty I almost didn't want to use it. Almost ;)

Super cool vintage recipe box. Now I have a place to put all my recipes rather than on loose scraps of paper in my kitchen drawers.

Pretty vintage hair clip and kitty pin. I've named him pirate kitty cause he only has one eye ball. The other eye was replaced with a crystal at some point hehe.

Beef Jerky. Yum!!

cool Paleo Magazine (it's the type of diet I'm doing hence the lack of candy which I really appreciate!) I'm stoked cause I didn't know there was a magazine and there are some cool recipes
I'm anxious to try out.

Everything together. :D well almost everything hehe... the starbucks was not in the box heheh my husband brought me that on his way back from the gym. I know it's seattle based and so is Twiggy but I don't think it would have survived shipping lol.

So yeah Twiggy / Jen is totally amazing! I love everything! Seriously this is probably the most perfect box for me!

Watch this

wow, what a wonderful haul! all of those lotions and soaps! so nice!


wow, what a tremendous and thoughtful gift! awesome! :D


Yayyyyyyyy!!!!! So glad you like everything, I had so much fun picking it all out :)

Merry Christmas, friend!!

jet approves

Daaaaaaamn, that's a great package.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Looking at those pictures made me hungry. Great job secret santa Twiggs! OM NOM NOM.


How awesome!

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

hehe yeah those cashews are all gone now. And that hairclip is like my new favorite. It's goes with everything and looks cute :)


Yay!!!!!! :D

When I got the cashews, I was thinking "I hope she likes spicy things like I do!!" lol

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

nice! what an awesome load


Cool stuffs! That ornament is really cute! What a nice package

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

awesomesauce!!!! I love that soap packaging, so suave!!!


Holy moley, sweet stuff!!!


whoa!! The motherload!!!


What a haul! Awesome :)


I'm so wishing I had thought of "twiggyhaul" before I posted that comment, because it is the perfect bad pun.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Hahaha it is ;)


hee hee hee Kimby :)


Twiggz: I LOVE lush. You are the secretest of Santas. Ninja Santa, maybe.

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