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Threadless should show the size that the model is wearing...?

Okay, I don't wear "adult sized" tees so when I'm trying to find out what size to get, I'm not sure if large is in adults or juniors. I know that in the help section it says that their tees are in junior sizes but that doesn't help all that much. I was thinking that if the told us what size the model was wearing I could easily decide what size to get based on their body type. I know that maybe the models would be uncomfortable with sharing their size but I just think it would be really helpful.

Does anyone else think the same?

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a picture can only tell u so much though

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most of em are just wearing size jeff anyway


I do think the same! Especially about girly styles. No idea how they really fit.

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You can always put something like

  • Model is 5' 6" and is wearing a Medium

I've seen that on other sites and it does help. :-)

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