Win a chance to have your art displayed in the Threadless retail store!

Help us make the Threadless retail store in Chicago even awesomer! We’ve got a space with your name on it. Or at least it COULD have your name on it, if you awesome design is chosen.

There’s a space right smack in the front of the store just crying art for some art. Your challenge is to create something perfectly original for that space. It will be the first thing customers see when they enter and the last thing they see when they leave.

The winning designer will get $300 Threadless cash and their art will be up in the store for at least three months with the designer’s bio printed below.

The dimensions of the space are 78.6”x51”. To submit, post your art in the comments below in proportional dimensions but smaller so we can all see your submission a reasonable size for our computer screens. You don’t need to place the art into the example photo, just post the image itself.

As for printing restrictions, we’ll choose how best to represent the design (printing, graffiti art, etc.) once we pick the winner. For now, just make some great.

Go on and get started! You have until Sunday, Dec. 30 at midnight CT.

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The Hipster supreme

Future Guy


How about some competition from DC ;) late in the game, but I hope ya'll like it!


Last minute second entry ;)

Why Not James said:


Why Not James

Tiger Burger is my all time favorite! You can see the process stages on my website. Happy New Year everyone. WHY NOT JAMES

cshimala profile pic Staff

It's ALIVE!!!

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