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I just downloaded Gimp and don't really know what I'm doing. The first time I opened the program, three boxes came up. One with all the brushes and tools, one where the image goes, and one that shows my layers. But the next time I opened it, the box with layers wont show up and I don't know how to get it back. :S Also, do I need to work in layers to submit a design here? Or can I just color my image all on the same layer?

Also, if you know of a good tutorial/how to video that will help me learn to use gimp to create my design, I would really appreciate if you could send me the link to it!(:

Watch this

You only need to post this once ya know -__-


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ive never used gimp so i cant help there, but your designs should be done in layers if using multiple colors where each color has its own layer.


Ah open source is my friend you should also try Inkscape! The best place for tutorials i found is YouTube and I'm surprised you didn't see this when you downloaded gimp. Did you get it from Also just good ol o.j.t!


Working in layers is very helpful it may seem confusing at first but give it some time. You can always mouse over the layer in right side layer box and uncheck the eye then the layer will be hidden.


I am also new to gimp, but through trial and error I have discovered a few things. If you click on the windows option and go to "dockable dialogues" you can select layers and various other things. Good luck :)


Ctrl + L opens Layers, also go to dockable dialogues or recent opened tools and Presto! Layers give you the chance to work more accurately if you have to change only a part later on.

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