Looking for a critique... I call it STREETARDIS

I know this is overdone, but I had this idea and thought it might be cool.
It's based on the Banksy piece seen here:

I'm a big Doctor Who fan so I thought this might be a cool idea. Let me know if the color choices and/or design work...I'm open to anything!

Watch this

gonna bump this once...would love some feedback


name is very clever... is that a dalek arm or sonic screwdriver? I would drop it and keep the axe or maybe just keep the TARDIS only. It could hold it's own.


word man I'll keep that in mind! I do like the idea of the TARDIS by itself...

Joe Hilditch

I thinks it's great well done

Petra Potpourri

good but the vintage structure isn't really needed.


Don't watch Doctor Who, don't hate me, but I like the shirt. Hope it gets printed c:

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