Is it just me or is there a ton of people just voting ones on everything?

such as this on my orcy design


Avg Score
501 score
75 fives
159 ones

im not saying my design should win. im just curious to why theres so many ones everytime even on other peoples awesome designs.

Watch this

That's totally not fair. The're just jealous, man. don't let it get to you ;)

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

everyone votes differently and everyone has a different range of what the numbers 1-5 mean to them.

Now some people are new designers who go through and like give everything the lowest score possible thinking it'll help them. It doesn't at all but they think what they want.

But some people grade the 1-5 based solely if they'll wear it or not... and not for any artistic merit.

Some vote on if they personally like the art or not.

Some (usually more experienced voters) try to vote balanced between art / style / if the design is commercial and well made and well thought out.

So just because a design gets alot of 1's doesn't mean that it's "haters" it just means that the design does not appeal to the "masses" as it were.

Specifically your style is very very niche. It will appeal to a very specific customer that in all honesty is not the "threadless masses".

I do not want you to be insulted at all.. that is not my intention. Your work is not bad. It has it's place. Although it is definitely NOT to my personal taste. It kind of has a "new school tattoo" sort of weirdness in the color and subject matter. Again not a genre I personally find appealing or pretty. But there are people who like that sort of thing.. but the customer that likes that stuff is not the average Threadless customer.


thank you narwals14 and thank you pyr4lis. i do get what you mean. i wouldnt wear 99% of the stuff on here. so you do have a point with taste :) theres alot of amazing work on here that id wear but none ever get printed which is a shame :\ but thats life and this is a different mass. ill just print my design for my brand :) thank you for explaining it to me.

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