12 ways to play on Threadless this 12/12/12.

It’s 12/12/12! Let’s do stuff in 12s all day! While drinking 12 cups of coffee this morning, we made you a list of 12 ways to have fun on Threadless today.

1) Keep up on all things Threadless by reading the latest issue of Threaddies.

2) Enter to win your favorite submission in the running.

3) Kick back and watch some Tee V Don’t forget to share your favorite vid with a friend.

4) Score Foster The People designs. The chosen design will support Foster The Future!

5) Create a tee for the Meetup bloggeraiser. Who knows, you might be the lucky duck that wins a trip here for the 2013 Family Reunion!

6) Help make someone’s design even better. Your comments and critiques could help them get printed.

7) Collaborate on an Iron Man design. $5,000 is up for grabs!

8) Get some tips from printed artist, Rafael Pereira.

9) Share your favorite WWF design with the world!

10) Geek out.

11) Make up your very own band. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any musical talent.)

12) Follow us on Tumblr!

Got another set of 12 things for people to enjoy today? Post below.

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happy 3x12


Fiquei muito louco dia 12

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