Dog Remote: Dog Hoody

  • by Krockman
  • posted Dec 10, 2012

Dog Remote: Dog Hoody

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These new designs are adorable! We're looking something to aid our old dog in the winter months. It's unfortunate that you don't have sizes available for very large dogs: ours is a Lab/Dalmatian mix, and she weighs more than 88 pounds.


nice, wish it really worked too with my dog :)

jeff elise

who would buy these new ugly dog hoodies ?

ladykat profile pic Alumni

This may be the bestest thing ever.


Super cute, but not designed for weenie dogs. Got a medium for our 15 pound dachshund and it doesn't fit well at all. :( It's long enough, but not wide enough in the chest for him. So, these dog hoodies are really only good for 'normal' shaped dogs.


Just got the 2XL in the mail today for my lanky, skinny 75lb. poodle-mix and it wont even zip around his chest nor will the sleeves fit around his bony front legs. I can't see how this could fit any large over 50 lbs. Pretty disappointed to say the least.


what would you guys suggest for my jack, an s or an m? she's 5 kg!


size chart? i have a chihuahua, so maybe the S will be too big! anyone know the measurements? thanks!

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