All of Time and Space

All of Time and Space

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As much as I like the colors of this design, I feel like I'm missing some sort of reference. Is there a back story to this? Thanks.


It appears to be the TARDIS to me! Love it, wish it was a hoodie!


If you'll excuse me, I have a shirt to order.


Yes, this is the TARDIS from the tv show Doctor Who. You can see it in the tags to the right, in the "About the Design" section.


This is amazingly beautiful! LOVE


Damn, that's gorgeous.


Damn, that's gorgeous.


Finally, my friends and I have literally been waiting weeks to throw money at you! By far the best Doctor Who shirt I've seen so far.


I bought the print from DeviantArt and have been waiting ever so patiently for the t-shirt so I can throw more money at you! Love it!


hoodiehoodie hoodie!


thats really nice, for those who dont know, its the Tardis from doctor who


Love this design so much! Would love it even better as a hoodie :)


I love this design! All of Alice's designs are awesome!


Aaarg, I loved the original. This looks stretched and distorted and the colors are off... And that is not a good female model, her tattoos are really distracting from the shirt.

I really loved the design but this photo is throwing me off...


Awesome. Would look great on the back of a hoodie!


Make it a sweatshirt!!


As a Doctor Who fan, this shirt is simply fantastic!


LOVE this because it isn't SO obvious...


Just got it in the mail! The colors are a little off from the original but still gorgeous. The image is not at all distorted - that's just how the model is wearing it in this picture. I was worried that the colors would be too dull, but they aren't. Whovians, rejoice!


I need this shirt so bad, I hope it doesn't sell out before I am able to buy it!


It's beautiful, I love the colors.


This is the first shirt I bought from Threadless. The colors are a bit off, the whites are yellow, but still looks nice. I'm just disappointed that they didn't have XS so I had to get one that was rather loose on me. I have no idea why the boatneck tees need such large armholes, I'll need to cinch it in myself.


Amazing! I wish this was made as a hoodie!


oh my god a hoodie would be amazing. Hopefully one day!


I am loving this shirt so, so hard. This is an epic win. It's classy, beautiful design that you can clearly tell had a lot of thought put into it. As my friend would say, "it has space all over it!"


I love this design! Are you going to make notebooks??


i LOVE this design!! i think i'd prefer it on a hoodie or heck, ill even take it on a notebook! considering buying the shirt. once i get some cash..ugh, holiday season really makes you go broke. -_-


Any one else having trouble getting this shirt? one was ordered for me for christmas on Dec 18th and we just got an email saying it was a special order. I ordered one to go to a friend and it shipped the next day. so is it a special order or not?


@nmfreese I've been waiting for this shirt since December 19th. It appeared to be in stock but after I got the order confirmation email it said 2 to 3 week special order. So I'm still waiting also.


I also waiting on this shirt., since December 19th.


Anyone know when this shirt would actually get delivered? I'm debating getting it but it depends on when it would ship to me.


Hey, i too ordered this shirt in December. i have yet to even get a confirmation email. kind of upset and hoping someone answers some question.


huh, guess I'm not the only one waiting for my order of this shirt... sort of weird tho, I placed an order on Dec 10 for a boat neck girly, and I got it. And, I loved the shirt so much I ordered a second one as a regular girly tee on Dec 17th and as far as I can tell it hasn't been shipped... O_O I wonder whats happened... oh no, wait, did the missing shirts end up in the wrong time!? urrgh, the angels (maybe) have the shirts!? j/k :)


Well 2-3 weeks is all well and good but December 18th was almost 4 weeks ago I would really like my shirt soon. This is the only order I have ever had trouble with from threadless.


I originally had this ordered with another shirt before December 19th and when they sent me my order it had the other shirt right but some completely different shirt in place of this one. I went through support to get it re-ordered when they told me it was sold out. I came to this page and it had no indications of being sold out so I told them that. They then went ahead and ordered it again for me but with the whole 2-3 week delay bit. I had two orders in a row where they sent me the wrong item and I had to get it fixed so who knows what is going on with them and this shirt. It's frustrating.


Can we get a zip-up hoodie version of this? I got 20+ shirts from threadless, but have only found one hoodie to my taste. And since the Doctor Hoo design's been axed off the catalog, I'll be crossing my fingers for this one.


I ordered this on December 23rd and I've still not got it. Does anybody know when they are shipping?


Ordered this shirt on December 22nd and I'm still waiting on it. First time having a problem with threadless about shipping.


Intresting design, the use of color really brings the focus into perspective


i too am STILL waiting on delivery of this shirt. its so awesome, and I WANT IT ON ME NOW.


4 weeks later and still no delivery email, extremely frustrated!


I purchased this December 21st ,but I just checked the status today and it said it was being packaged! Hopefully it will be here before my birthday!

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