The Invisibles - Stats !

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speakerine profile pic Alumni

I'll show the 2 versions, title less on Slide 1, and with title on slide 2! Thanks for the support and inputs!!


print it!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

i really love this, i do.


Les Invisibles sounds great! I'd totally buy it with or without that name. As I said when scoring, this design has a future here. Congrats for the great artwork!

BTW Would you mind to illustrate us on the technique you used?

speakerine profile pic Alumni

thanks a lot!!

I began to draw the 3 characters on paper:

I scanned it (600 dpi). In Photoshop, applied the technique of select only the black of the layer to make a new layer. Then I create a grey layer below, and then I added a white glows layer where I thought it was needed. I hope it's clear..!


Thanks for the explanation. Got it! Good luck with this one.

jaypaulo profile pic Alumni

your design was an obvious target for the competitors. that is hopefuly taken in account


The challenges in the new TL format are open to scoring for too long, it gives the haters too large of a window to inflict their hate on good designs like yours.

And Mantichore is right that 229 fives ain't bad :-)

speakerine said:

scored.. 319 ones.... so much haters!!!

I think so too,if you look at all design in the contest.. the average score quite a low too :(

mine also got 292 ones :|

AlanBao profile pic Alumni

I think the downvoters are getting smarter. It used to be you'd see a steep drop in scores, and one or two crappy designs would shoot to the top with a bunch of no-name comments. I noticed a few things that makes me think that it's the same shit here, just well-disguised and subtler.

Doctor - they're evolving.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Holy down voting, thats insane 1s. I can't work out the scoring on the new site, it seems so unpredictable. Sorry to see that mon frere!


looks like a print

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