Looking for some critiques

So you see, a frew days ago I was studying, and so I was bored, and so I started to doodle. I wrote the word "yeah". I realized that it's one of those, and I had to look up the word, ambigram. So I wrote it again and again, until I came up with this design.

It doesn't have any colors yet, because every time I try and color it, it becomes impossible to differentiate between E and A, so I've got to look further into that.

For now, opinions? Ideas on the colors? Should I make the E hole an eye? (It's asking for it)

Thanks in advance!

Watch this

So, here's the color version (one of a hundred). The problem I always see is that one inmediately sees the E and maybe the H, but the Y and A are pretty invisible. I tried changing the colors, going with black and white for E and A, removing the lineart, and nothing seems to work. So now I don't know, maybe it's just me?

Some critique would be greatly appreciated :D


I would not get it without explanation: not a good sign. I don't think the concept is strong enough for this crowd anyway. Sorry :(


Oh well D: Served as practice with Illustrator lol. Thanks for the honesty :)

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