Wacom bamboo pen

anyone use this to draw? please leave some tips of using it because it is very hard for me to draw on the pad.it took lots of time to draw something on it =.='

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i just recently got one, so i don't really have any tips but i have noticed it kinda helps to pick up and angle the pad so it's not just squared in front of you


I've got this pad so I'll be watching this thread! Haven't used it yet though sorry, I'm not of any help


what software compatible with this tablet? corel painter? photoshop?


art rage studio comes with the package


Seriously, I love using my Intuos 4. It is pretty amazing. I googled "T-Shirt Design Tutorials" a while back. There were some great ones that help you to draw and design in the computer using pen strokes with pressure sensitivity.

I am still getting better at using one of these things, but keep using it, and you won't stop. I don't understand how people use a mouse to design with anymore.....

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miahsix said:

Best advice for tablets is practice makes perfect. Have fun with it and keep using it, things will get easier and easier for you and soon you'll wonder how you have lived without one.


there are two things you need to know. First of all, there aren't that many sensory points per inch on that thing. I used one for like a year, and it drove me insane. It comes with what photoshop elements right? Unless you bought it from a person, in which case they cheated you. Photoshop Elements is a pretty decent program for just drawing and coloring stuff in on different layers. It comes with some pretty cool brushes too.

I'd say the main problem I had with that was that at first, it took me a long time to get the hang of the size of things. That's just something you have to get used to. make sure the tablet is always at the same angle as your screen. another thing I noticed is that it's really hard not being able to rotate the whole thing like you could with a plain piece of paper. This just takes getting used to, like driving a forklift or something.

There's one more big problem though, that you will probably notice as you get better, and that is that your curved lines will come out as bumpy and inelegant. Even straight lines won't be exactly straight, no matter how you draw them. This is because it takes the raw data from the tablet and directly inputs it into the screen. After screwing around with that program for over a year, I finally just saved up and bought Illustrator because having worked on it in the past, I knew I could change the settings on the fidelity of how closely it followed your line.


I'm using this tablet and I usually adjust the pen tip slider at the bamboo preference to 2 steps right from the default value, it helps me to eliminate the "shaky" lines a bit. Hope this useful :)

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There are different types of wacom pens, check them out, the one I had with intuos4 felt too "fat" in the hand so I picked a thinner one I feal more at ease with. But regardless of the pen you use, it takes a litlle time adjusting to a tab.

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I drew with a mouse for a few years before I moved to a tablet... about 10 years ago or so. It felt so strange to me! Really, practice is key. It also helps if you already have good hand-eye coordination, so if you're a gamer I feel like you have a head start on this. :-) If not, using it is key. Don't take the first stuff you do with it too seriously, just doodle and draw loosely and then once you get used to it, work to smoother lines, etc. If you start out wanting to be perfect, you're going to get really frustrated.

As has been mentioned, trying out different pens (or tips!) could help you become comfortable a little more quickly, but humans are very adaptable so make the most of what you have.


Is this a bamboo pen & touch? I'm using bamboo pen small, looks similar to the one I'm using. my bad :p you can still set the pen tip feel though, and see how it works for you :)


:I try the program paint tool sai- it works wonders with the tablets (lines are smooth and not shaky)

I cant use a tablet with photoshop (I tried over and over again but those stupid shaky lines bothered me) and paint tool sai is so easy to use (so much cheaper too!)

There are many wonderful tutorials out there on paint tool sai, but I cant seem to find the one I referred to a friend once. Im sure you can find them on your own though :)

Paint tool SAI has a smoothing option where you can smooth your lines, or have them more jagged (if youre not looking for a smooth circle), and there's also the neat little feature of rotating the canvas to make drawing lines easier :)


i just got that too :D well its kinda hard to use at first and there are lots of error reports

it is very useful for drawing designs, better use it endlessly


I just got it also, I'm not completely sure of any tips or tricks, but it is definitely useful to use a program that utilizes the pen pressure feature. I use Gimp 2.6 (not 2.8 because they pulled the pen pressure thing out.) But really its about getting used to it through practice, so you can keep your eyes on the screen and be able to draw as if you are drawing on paper.


I bought this bamboo pen small about 8-7 months ago, and still practice to draw using it.. the surface quite a bit slippery for my preference but I guess I have to get used to these.. :D


As others have said, practice makes perfect, or almost perfect.

I have had Wacom Bamboo One for some years already and I don't want to think of a mouse when working something in Photoshop or drawing in Artrage (software that came with the tablet), but still I draw better and easier on paper.

Maybe it isn't such a great tablet, or maybe this is the way it should be.

So when I have something really difficult and complex to draw I draw it on paper, scan it and then use the tablet to finish the work, this way is faster and easier for me.

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