another idea. still in first stages.

Watch this

This is just to random for my taste.......It's weak on every level

Concept: ????

Joke: ????

Inference to pop culture: ????

This would never get accepted.........sorry :(


I would go for something with a stronger concept and cleaner lines. It's a bit too random for me... it's almost abstract.


Sure, it's abstract, but that's not a bad thing. I think it would be more appropriate for submission if you cleaned it up and made it look more smoothly rendered and produced. I don't think all designs need to be a joke or a pop culture reference - if it's an abstract design that you feel strongly about, execute it to the best of your abilities and give it a shot! Good luck!


this design is good and bad for different reasons. it lacks in concept and is too random for my liking. it is good because it is a very original idea and it does look good. i think you should submit it and hopefully it is accepted. good luck. :)

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