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Collaboration with a first-timer(me)

Well I Just started using photoshop and Illustrator and was wondering if anybody wants to collaborate with me.
I made the drawing and inked it so its suitable for graphical enhancement(I think)
The idea is for a pencil case,laptop case or a messenger bag(he has to spray with the paint)
If anybody is interested don't hestitate and comment ;)

dude with gasmask
If there are mistakes or anything feel free to comment about it

Watch this

I might be interested!

What's your e-mail?

Xaijin Do you have experience with illustrator and photoshop?


Well to be honest I would like to work with someone who has some experience with these programs. Im sorry.


ok. ur loss :P


Sorry though.. I wish you luck with your design


Thanks. Do I need to scan and mail it to you?

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