Dare I admit this?

I don't wear my threadless shirts anymore...

and haven't for a couple years..

I love my threadless tees however I just don't wear t-shirts anymore. I wear a threadless tee maybe five times a year now.

I feel terrible! I love this community.

I just don't wear t-shirts.

Am I the only one?

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TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I don't wear mine as often, though you can always remedy this by shopping in the Select line! There are a few that I really like, but dang they cost an arm and a leg. But so so nice.

staffell profile pic Alumni

You are dead to me.


I wear them as undershirts, and that's pretty much it.


That's a bit of lie. I wear them once in a while, not nearly as often as I used to.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

now that my job has me wearing slacks and a collared shirt everyday, its rare. i wear em on the weekends and to sleep


I don't wear mine very often at all... Mostly cause my wardrobe doesn't contain jeans anymore cause it's so impossibly warm over here, and I end up wearing dresses and skirts most of the time.

jet approves

I'm trying to move away from t-shirts but there are still a few I wear fairly regularly.

GyleDesigns profile pic Alumni

I try to wear at least one a week, but for the most part I try to stick to button ups. Because business.


I only wear tees and hoodies. I had a job years ago that required formal wear and I hated wearing ties and button-ups so much that after I quit I got rid of them all.

DontCallMeBlanket profile pic Alumni

I have a threadless tee on pretty much every day- but I work from home. My wife doesn't much like the standard tees (even my designs)- she's a bigger fan of the select line. And I have a bunch of the select stuff too- would highly recommend it even at the higher price.


I rarely wear them nowadays. They don't fit and the feeling of them is quite bad compared to newer/different tees. (talking about 2-3 years worth of dem ol' thangs)

all 'bout dat polyester/cotton combo y'all


can't wait til Threadless makes a habit out of printing all sorts of shit on triblend


triblend vnecks 4eva

(also fuck hyphens)


If they printed more on triblend, I would buy the shit out of tees.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

Man, triblend does rock, that's why I wear so much my Stheart tees.

Not just cause they're my designs and they're free.

briancook profile pic Alumni

Chipmnk on Dec 08 '12 at 12:10am If they printed more on triblend, I would buy the shit out of tees.

True that. So friggin comfy!!!!

briancook profile pic Alumni

I do like the Pima Select shirts (especially v-neck). But the sizing is inconsistent and the amount of wash shrinkage is insane.

One of my shirts turned into a Gwen Stefani tank top.


jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

dang, sounds hot


Ok, good to know I'm not the only one.

Even though some of the select shirts are cute, I don't NEED any more shirts.

I think I counted how many t-shirts I had and it was close to like 150....I mean...whattttt?

So, yeah I stick to buying basics and things I can wear in multiple ways. And things with prints (like graphic designs on tees) is just not my cup of tea anymore. Sad times.

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

I wear this sweetcorn one to bed. It's extra comfy. I bought a nice design with an arcade style Game Over tee, but the fit is real weird and it's too big. My gf wears Alex Solis design with birds in a cage which looks nice.

Looking forward to trying one of the new tees one day.


I wear Threadless tees all day errry day. pouty face

Maybe I not growed up yet?




i wear threadless every day. in winter i add a hoodie. i am a sad sad adult.



digsy profile pic Alumni

tshirts generally don't look great on me so i really don't wear them that much. the boat neck and the v-neck maybe - they suit me better - but otherwise i mostly buy my shirts to wear when I'm exercising or around the house. A lot of the shirts I buy are for my husband or my nephew. I did buy myself a new hoodie recently and it was amazing - really really like the new line way more than the old crappy AA ones.


What are Threadless Tees like size wise? I'm in UK, so how does a Threadless (US) medium compare to a medium here? I've heard that the sizes aren't great sometimes i.e a medium is more like a large...


Sorry to hijack thread! Just saw a couple of people mention sizes... And I've bought 4 for my girlfriend for xmas so I dooo hope they fit!

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