Looking for a score? Me too! - Score exchange here!

Hey everyone!
So, I submitted a new design, and i could use some scores and comments from you...
I assume most of you are in the same situation, so let's exchange'em! Feel free to comment this thread with your designs and I'll be more than happy of commenting and scoring ihem!

Here's mine!

Click here to score and comment!

Watch this

just voted very cool :) please vote for me thanks...

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I seem to be having trouble commenting from the new forum so if you get 3 comments here from me then blame the beta code.

I voted and commented on yours. Very cool dog.

Check out my Bow Truss: Coffee Arts


Thanks to all for the comments and scores! I already commented and score you too :)


Haha so funny, love it! x


At first I wanted to give this a 4, but then I read the sexy mustard on the dog, this is great!


Haha thanks delacruzm49!

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