First try, 0 experience. Check out & critique my work before I submit.

[imgur view]2

  • I have to redo the color work before it can be submitted, but other than that, please feel free to give me any and all advice you can think of.

All comments appreciated!

Watch this

I like the idea, maybe simplify it a bit, have just the dinosaur and the text bubble. People will get it. Also, colors are a bit off, too much light green. Other than that, great job!


sorry...the whole hipster thing is extremely overdone. Also this isn't a vector graphic and the typography is a poor choice.

Petra Potpourri

haha... but honestly this is so "crapy" (dont get me wrong looks like paint-graphic) that it could actually work - but totally ironic. kill the blue background and put the typo below on a transparent background. and choose an even worse typeface, maybe comic-sans.


Problems I see with this submission:

poor drawing quality questionable color choices (the blue/green/orange don't work well together) inclusion of smoking/hookah, etc. Threadless tends to go pretty family-friendly with their shirts, they don't usually include alcohol, smoking, or anything like that.

tronbeardsley profile pic Alumni

Also, scoring everyone else's submission 1 doesn't improve your odds.


It's funny, but you can probably do better with the artwork. Please keep trying c:


I think if it was executed in a different drawing style and had different color choices, as well as being more family-friendly; it could work. Keep trying, maybe find an artist to collaborate with.


The artwork would never pass the general person's standards. Maybe contact someone who computer editor skills or an artist to help you make it look a little more professional.

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