STAFF- Need help, no one replies my emails. Rachel, Ross, Joe?

I know you guys have tons to do but you say I should contact you if I have any questions, wich I do, but no one answer me?? Come on!! Two weeks is long enough to wait for a few simple instructions.

Thank you very much!

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

whats your question about?

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42 the answer is 42.


yeah, what's your question? maybe we can help. try us. come on. give us a chance!!!


it's not often they don't reply. Hopefully there wasnt a system problem when you sent in your question. But definitly ask us.


"So...what are you wearing?"

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I thought I had this blog deleted, thanks for trying to help out guys! I had questions about how to send the high res file for my first print.

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