Can Threadless print this one?

Hi! Want to know if threadless can print this mashup I made... What do you think?

Watch this

Hell yeah they should be! Try to submit it for voting! I know they just have some small rules on copyrighted stuff but this should be fine since it's a mash-up. But check up on that just to make sure. Or just submit it and wait for their response lol.

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only one way to find out - sub it! if they don't take it here, a few of the more pop culture sites who are a little more leniant on copyright might be interested. I really like it!


Legit mash up! Nice work

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Warner Brother properties are probably as restrictive as Disney. The Taz maybe too Taz-like.


That's a shame =( This is wicked great


Shame, nice design, did they email you to say rejected? fear mine might be too - Adolfin


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have him face back, showing the horns and a little bit of the hurricane he makes left showing, also have him standing over a rabbit's hole


This is so good! That's a shame that it was rejected! :(

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