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First Design Ever, WIP Arcade Fire Contest

EDIT: IT'S UP! Please vote. :)

Hey everyone! I'm planning on entering the Arcade Fire contest. I've never submitted a design on Threadless before but I want to be as successful as possible, so I'm looking for any/all advice you can give on composition etc. Since the window for submissions ends in 6 days I would appreciate quick responses so I can finish my design in time.

Thank you all in advance for your time, and good luck to anyone else entering the contest. :)

Cassidy K.

Watch this

I really like it, its a good idea, you could possibly keep it quite sketchy but just add random colour? Or make the text thicker?? Also this is my first ever design, would be great for a vote or a comment? :)


I would like to suggest you please put some colour to express it natural, Else, there is 1 person missing with her! You know what I mean.


Thanks for the tips, guys. I'll update with the linework and color scheme soon. :)


The sketch looks good! Let's see it with color now :)


I picked out colors for the different elements of the image and finished my linework. I am trying to decide between these two shirt colors (Jade and Slate), so any input on that or any of the other colors I have chosen would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Alright, so the jade shirt color won out, and I was advised to move the text around. Here's the "finished" product.

Any suggestions before I plop it on a template? I can't decide if I should add shading or if this looks better flat.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Boiled fly
Boiled fly profile pic Alumni

It was better as a sketch


The present colors are killing it. There's too many, they're rather boring, and they don't make a proper shading as the girl being in the car should be darker than the outside (if you go realistic, as implied by the choice of colors).

The line work is nice by itself and needs to be preserved. Don't put color everywhere, forget realism (but do think of the light!), build a nice 3 or 4 color palette.

Maybe edit the line work too, thickening or straightening a few lines.


Thank you SO much for the feedback, that was all really helpful. I'll tweak it and post again :)


I still have to add some line thickness variation, but are the colors on the right track?

Dan Yingling

Car interior colors need some work. Clashing with each other. Take a look at some car interiors for an idea of how to combine them. Most cars use one or two colors for interior. If you have a specific model in mind for your design google image search those for some ideas.


I added a bit of line variation (it's pretty subtle, but there), and tried to make the colors much richer than they were in the earlier version. I changed the color/design of the interior of the car.

Please let me know if there's anything else I should tweak before submitting!

Dan Yingling

So much better. This might be how you intended it, but I'm a little thrown off by the rearview mirror and windshield portion of the design. Either way, nice work, interior looks great.


This is amazing....would you teach me how to draw?!?!


Really neat to see the transformation of your art. Turned out really well! Have you put the design on a tee template to see how it would look? You might catch some things that look awkward on a tee


Thank you both! And yes, I put it on the tee template and it looked great, so I submitted it. :) Just waiting for it to go through the submissions staff and be put up in the contest gallery.

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