New website!

Hello and welcome. I redid my website for the first time in about two years. I am the webmaster.

The end and goodnight.

Watch this

Simple but beautifull site..

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

i wish you designed the guys select line as well


Wow, you have ton of new work I haven't seen. I want to buy a print of that Step Brothers illustration and get it signed by Randy Jackson.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

thanks a lot, guys!!! i used cargo collective to build it. you have to pay for the premium service, but i recommend it. it's pretty easy to work with.

westond profile pic Alumni

Loooove it, you so talented girl ~!

Steve The Great

Sometimes I want to be your boyfriend but then I remember that you already have one.


Oh dang, is that your real phone number? During the recent Disneyland trip, Randy and I were like "Shoot, we don't know Julia's numberrrrr~"

But now I do.

sonmi profile pic Alumni


my heroes, now you know my number.

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