[critique] Blondin and friends

hi guys, i have not post here in a while so i hope that i found the right place to so !

ibefore submitting to threadless and scoring i wanted to ask you your point of view/advices on a design i did.

here are the 2 versions i did:

so fisrt of all : how do you like it ?
second: will i get copyright kicked out ?
then finaly if i sould submit then which one should i submit ? the bakground is grey since ilove yellow on grey :) ! thanks in advance for your answers and advice ! cheers ! Eddie.

Watch this
Omerus Banning

Hmmm... Subtle differences... I think I'd go for the top one, as the grey crosshatch doesn't really add to the design, and it'll probably happen naturally with wear at some point (assuming the design goes on a Tee!)

And I like yellow on grey too!


Nice Guy Eddie

hi Omerus, thanks very much for your answer i appreciate it ! I agree with you on the cross hatch, actually this was an attempt to work on the over-worn effect but i am not impressed by it, got to work on that.

Indeed it would be on a tee, so it will happen naturaly, but on the other hand, Blondin and his mates ae from a universe made of dust and stain...so maybe i would have like to get a 'sandblasted effect', but since i m pretty glad of the drawing itself, there might be no need.

thanks again :) !

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