Building a web site for an artist/designer. What are the best options?

Hello folks,

I'm planning on making myself a website and I was wondering where to start, if there's some service including templates out there wich you can recommend.

I'm a medium - advanced user, I can code something simple if necessary, but I'm not a programmer.

I've found a site of a guy here on Threadless and is pretty cool but I dunno what service or template he's using, here goes the link:

For those of you that already have a website, any advice would be of help.
Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure what Justin uses.

I'm definitely not an advanced user and I've built my website from a Wordpress template.

It's not super fancy, but it is easy to customize - has an integrated blag and gets the job done.

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Yeah i use Wordpress for my website too and it's pretty simple. For Templates you can go to Theme forest, there are billions of really great templates for 30$. In all cases don't use Flash because if you don't know how to program, it's awefull, plus mobile divise wouldn't be able to read your webite…

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Agree with what people have already said, Cargo Collective is a good resource. So is Squarespace the benefit to these is they can handle all your hosting for you. So while Squarespace is a paid service (so is Cargo Collective if you choose) you don't have to worry about as many moving pieces.

Wordpress is a good solution but you'll need to be pretty diligent about keeping up on the security updates, otherwise your site will be at risk.


Brian, Luc: I know, these wordpress websites look pretty good! I used to have one years ago, not really what I'm looking for right now. Josh, Nathan: I checked Cargo Collective and I think I'll give it a try. Squarespace seems a great option too. Thank you everybody for the advice!


time for a bump just for the sake of bumpin'


@kim arrr gonna check it out! @ducky I used it before, I don't like it anymorrr

you can post your websites here, everybody! just to see and get some insight

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I use iweb it came on my mac. I'm going to revamp it this coming year though.

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So the site you linked to looks an awful lot like the wordpress "touchfolio" theme

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I put in a request to Cargo Collective before but never heard back. I just tried again this morning though...

Also looking to build a portfolio site but unlike you I have ZERO coding ability. Even for blogs with photos and flickr I cheat and use a premade code generator. :P

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I could help build a portfolio site for you if you want. For those that don't know any coding, wordpress would be your best option to be able to maintain and update the site yourself.

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