Looking for Feedback :D

Hey, this is my design for a tee and will hopefully be my first submission when it's finished! I just wanted to know what people thought of it and hopefully get some feed back on ways to improve it. So yeah fire away!

Watch this

I forgot to put it on hear but theres also a wire with the coloured shadows going down the side of the T shirt

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honestly i don't see much people would respond to in this. the headphones are kind of a mess, the rainbow trail effect has been done better before, and the weird electric arcs just look like random vector squiggles. on the other hand the negative space kind of forms a mushroom cloud so maybe there's an angle there you could exploit to make it something genuinely interesting.


"Ask yourself - would you buy this? If the answer is YES!!!! fire away and submit that bro. If HELL NAWWW then you keep working :)

As for actual tips on improving I don't like the colors and as d3d said headphones is not an original idea


its too jagged, fix the headphones and all up :) the edges, the proportions seem to be out a bit? or is it just me? make those colored areas thicker? make then more prominent, or like when a light moves it leaves a trail behind, something like that ?:)

could you score mine please? :) : Scoring ! The Weather Today

Thank you ! :)


Brilliant thanks for your help, I've taken all that on board! :)

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