Setting up PSD help!

Really basic question.

When you sit down and start up Photoshop for a new idea, what size do you make your canvas?
Or more accurately, what is the biggest size (for a tshirt) that you are likely to need?

I've googled this several times but never found a catch all answer. I know sizes will vary, but think up the biggest varient that is not utterly mad - that's what I'm looking for!

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As big as possible is the best answer. If your all that worried about how detail will show up when its printed, you can always crop a small section and print it out to the size you'd want it to be on the t-shirt.

The stock images I use kind-of rules on how big I can make my design. So it can vary from design to design.

My Diver print is about 5200 x 7800 at 400res. Psusennes is 2900 x 4600 at 500resi. Greeting From is 11000 x 7000 at 300res.

All three have printed out perfectly.


Hi, It will vary, but as a standard i don't make them under 300 ppp, 600ppp works great for very tiny details. Try this, set your canvas to the size you want it to be on the print (A4 paper sheet for example), so you don't get confused later on, and set it to 600ppp, An alternative is to make your canvas to double the print size.

PS: If you plan to print the same stuff in different sizes, make it as big as possible.

Hope this helps!

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