The new Threadless blanks shrunk after the first machine wash

I love it, fits better on me. I used to find it a tad long and loose but it's perfect now :)
That is all.

Watch this

did you wash it in cold water? warm water? hang dry? tumble dry/low heat?


I thought this was bad news but then it turned out good :)

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did you play with it a little before you let the girl see it?

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I mean did you tumble dry?

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tumble dried, it shrunk approx 10% basically enough to be kinda muscle-fit, it became hugging on the arms and neck but hey I'm on the lean side, so it doesnt bother me.

It must be on high heat (sorry I can't recall)

I would say shrinkage tendency is about the same as AA`s but don't quote me on that


What I want to know is - is a large a large like most brands larges or is a threadless brand threadless tee's X-large really a normal large and so I should buy X-large so it shrinks down to large? Hmmmm??


Wait you put it on high heat? Nm.. someone who dries the normal way get back to me.

-average height/weight male seeking normal fit

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I'm about 170lbs and a medium fits nice after a couple of washes.Basically enough to be kinda muscle-fit Only things I would change would be to shorten the length by about an inch or so. The neck could also be slightly smaller, but I guess thats going to vary from shirt to shirt due to the printed tags.

Recently picked up a few Mossimo athletic-fit blanks from Target, and the t-less one fits pretty similar. Only big difference is the sleeves are slimmer on the t-less one.


will it make me look like ahhnold schwarzengngngngnngnngnnannnrnrnrrner? :P

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[+duracell-] on Nov 16 '12 at 10:31pm -average height/weight male seeking normal fit

I'm sorry, I read that like something straight from craigslist ehehe

@annie, I think the threadless tees aren't long enough to cover your balls :p


I'm about 36 double d/I have hips/beer belly/slimmer waist/laughs at silly jokes/enjoys soccer/LOVES beer/fiercely loyal to those I love/would play Lego with children/muscle cars turn me on/huge belly laughs/loves late-night cartoons: Rocky & Bullwinkle, Fat Albert, Pink Panther...ummmm.....

Wait, what was the question again??


here's my number

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I haven't gotten mine yet, hopefully soon! I'm glad I got a girly large... always worry about mediums shrinking too much and becoming belly shirts.

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i got mine.

i got a guys medium. i'm about 5'8 and the shirts are pretty fitting. its still a little long but i think a warm wash will make it just right. comfortable too


i can hardly wait to get mine!


it arrived today! i think i'll measure it before and after i wash it. gonna wash it in cold, then hang it to dry, like i usually do with my thread tees.


Haha, that is a truth, Marco :) *muah

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You washed your shirts?

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