Done before? Any good? - UPDATE


I need to know just one more thing guys ;)
Does it look better like shirt design or like wall art design???

Hi folks!

What do you think has this been done before?
And also is it ready for submitting, or should I improve it somehow?

Watch this
soloyo profile pic Alumni

wasn't luke missign a hand at this point???


Bwahaha so good! XD

spacesick profile pic Alumni

ha! it's perfect

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

i like it

Ryder profile pic Alumni

you need to have it be a one-legged bird... then it'll definitely be print worthy


Haha this is great, and no I haven't seen this done before. you should defiantly submit.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Haven't seen it and it is glorious. The idea of a stumped right-leg sounds good to me; easy fix to add greatness.

QuietCity profile pic Alumni

Ryder thanks for your suggestion. I will try to do "one-legged bird" version.

And thanks to all of you guys for the feedback.


Actually i think the joke wouldn't be as great as it is now if you make it a one-leg pigeon. I say it's ready to submit.

QuietCity profile pic Alumni

Ragnampiza you are right it doesn't look good with one leg, that's way I'm gonna leave it as it is.


Shirt please. 5$


I always like to see t-shirts.

But since you're allowed up to 3 slides, I'd probably do a design alone slide (because this concept is awesome), and then the split t-shirt/wall art slide.


I think it could work for both, I personally would say wall art because I love this style of work in living areas, but I would buy either one.


I think it is ready! I agree with uglyducnyc. Try to use those 3 slides.

QuietCity profile pic Alumni

Much thanks everyone! Your comments are very, very helpful.

p.s. uglyducknyc that's neat idea! I will probably do that.


This is just great! It's the perfect scale for both a tee and wall print.

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