Beta Changelog

Hey everyone, now that beta is pretty much launched, we're going to keep a changelog updated of everything we launch new to the site. We'll keep adding to it as we go. I might create a "Next Up" list so you guys can see what we're planning to fit next but that might be a few more days once I get re-oriented from my trip to Singapore :)

- Submission page altered to remove extra step in preview
- Collab links in subs now working

- Fixed default view for products in catalog

- Make login keep you on the page you're on
- Tons of holiday sale promotion stuff
- Better submission choosing tools internally for the new site
- More submission comments fixes
- A mega-ton of other random but important boring stuff that I won't bother going into detail on

The last couple weeks have been a bit of a bust for improving the site and more about getting us through the holidays. More meaty stuff to come soon!

- Changed pagination to be more smart so you can get to end of threads easier
- Added some more styles for formatting comments (though there may be issues with this right now)

- New navigation that is much smaller
- Added links to the collections within the SHOP nav
- Added direct links into the forums from the PLAY nav
- Removed the tabs from the top bar
- Added a cart icon
- Added the # link in the forum to link to last page
- Removed the aggressive click action on the forum listing page so you can open threads in tabs easier
- Fixed long product titles breaking things
- Fixed screwed up "MADE by" pages

- Fixes to Facebook login
- Fixes to submission comments
- Allow designs to be shown in addition to photos on product collections pages
- Speed up a slow query in scoring
- An issue with submission slider width

Answers to frequently reported issues

What's with the voting days on challenges?
Currently designs are allowed to be voted on for the entire challenge, so some designs can be voted on for 20+ days. We're going to change this so that each sub gets the same 7 days of voting as the old site.

Why can't I vote on all designs?
Currently you can only vote on designs within a challenge. We're going to be changing that to allow you to vote on all designs at the same time, not just on a per challenge basis.

Why's the nav so big?
We're changing the nav to be smaller.

The site's slow!
We're actively speeding up the site.

Why can't I search for anything other than products?
We're re-doing the search completely and until that is done there will only be product search. In the meantime if you add "" to a google search it works quite well to search for anything.

Why can't I see the score during the voting period?
We will be adding this back in.

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Mantichore profile pic Alumni

Is there a problem with the sorting in the forum? Because I clicked on 'watch this' for some posts, but when I set the forum option to 'watched', it doesn't show the posts I watched... Am I doing this wrong or is this something that needs to be fixed?

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

RE: Submissions and the new format

Clicking onto an old design on beta, Let's just use this for an example ... it's like a mix of the old submission page upgraded with little additions of beta stuff.

Why is this not how it is on the new site? I mean it clearly could easily be, since that page exists for all the old subs that were subbed on the old site. The comments are on pages and don't have to load...its not presented on a horizontal template... I don't know, this just makes sense to me and I'm confident I'm not the only one. I just think the new horizontal template and formats are overdoing it and unnecessary.


I noticed a weird thing in my browser history after a scoring session. ( Mac OS 10.5.8 Safari ) between every threadless page in the drop down history list there is a facebook page that the browser didn't actually 'go' to. When clicked on, the link takes you to a blank page with a facebook like icon in the top left corner. What is all that about? Not sure I like being 'taken' to pages I didn't ask to go to, especially behind my back as it were. . .


Totes agree with jeff.

@JonBurgessDesign: interesting. I don't get this (just checked) but that's prob because I block FB scripts. What I do get is that sometimes an unwanted new tab opens, either from twitter or G+. Same kind of thing I guess. Looks like that 3rd party script business isn't taken seriously, when it's obviously the cause of half the trouble if not all.

reags profile pic Alumni

Is there any way I'm able to access the old site to update my info. which doesn't seem to work on this beta - in particular the AIM and site link in the bios on the right side of the page

bygrinstow profile pic Alumni

My hamburger was cold. When will that be fixed, too?

Also, having had typetees prints is now the same as having had no prints at all. And no spiffy shield, either. Are these a temporary situation, while bigger things are dealt with?


Aside from a bunch of awful problems like not all my submissions showing up on my account page (even though I know they're there, but I have to go to my tumblr and find the link to get to it) or not being able to find the design challenge page (seriously where is it?) there's one big problem. I do not like having my email on display in my profile but there doesn't seem to be a way to turn it off. I took the email out of my personal contact info but it still won't go away on my profile.

Why was the site updated to the new Threadless? The beta must not have been for anything because the site is clearly not done and has a lot of problems. Please allow me to revert back at least until the New Threadless is actually working correctly.


That all being said, there is one thing I like about the new site, and that is that you can't see what the score of a particular submission is until after scoring is done. That was always a problem I think, so I'm glad to see that go.


wait I gotta try this



The forum page won't let me go back further than page 2. Dunno why. I click on 3 or 4 and it refreshes page two. . the address has something like' page 2/ = page 3' at the end, whatever that means. Also how do you search the forum now?


my facebook login is the one is broken really bad

Brightwood profile pic Alumni

is there a way to search the forum that I am missing?

agrimony profile pic Alumni
Brightwood said:

is there a way to search the forum that I am missing?

Why can't I search for anything other than products? We're re-doing the search completely and until that is done there will only be product search. In the meantime if you add "" to a google search it works quite well to search for anything.

silverqe profile pic Alumni

The state of a random SHOP page

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

thanks Alice, I sent this to frontend, and they will figure out whats going on here

andyg profile pic Alumni

Why not make all these changes behind the scenes and then launch the new site when everything works?

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni

Andy this catalog issue has actually been going on even on the old site. All the correct images are in there it's pulling the wrong ones. Not sure why exactly.


ok so i am venturing onto beta for the FIRST TIME. be gentle.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Clicking on the # in the title of a thread that has exactly 50 comments results in an internal server error.


A number of designs have no visible slides. Here's one.

It's not possible to come back and change a score.

Design pages still take at least one refresh to open.


When will the critique page be up???


i need to see my score during the voting period!! bring it back!

Morkki profile pic Alumni

I just found a way to see scores for designs in the running but it's actually a major bug:

Go to Score designs, then choose Threadless from the challenges. Choose Finished scoring. Click on any design. On the submission slide, click the arrow to the next design... and it shows you the latest design you haven't scored yet. Except you see it like it was finished, with the current avg score and no voting buttons. Obviously the Atrium code wasn't designed for this because all the subs finished at the same time.


wow, thanks Morkki ! it actually worked =D

briancook profile pic Alumni

I think that "Forum" should be DIRECTLY BELOW the "Play tab. It would be so much easier to move down to the forum you want. You could do all the choices in alphabetical order and it would land perfectly in the middle. It would make navigating to the forums (which are most important/popular of the choices) MUCH easier and the natural choice of where to go first.


There are blogs from some new members that won't open in the old blogs (redirect to home page), like this one.

Single returns don't work, even though the preview shows them ok. I thought this was only on the old blogs, but I find it's on the beta too.

Example: single return;

double return.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

yeah, would there be a way to not see the score while it's voting? i sometimes don't want to vote on my own things because i don't want to see the score until it's done.

also would it be possible to bring back the ability to use HTML/links in submissions? if we can't have bigger views of the design, it'd be nice to have an easy to click link that people can see it with, instead of copying and pasting.


Guys, gotta decide if we format with buttons or with code. Not both! In a previous post I made crying faces ;-; with underscores instead of - and it turned all in between to italic.

Julia, we can't see the score while voting on the new site (unless it's changed?)

I wish we did actually. Could there be an opt-in/out? I prefer to see my own scores right away and move on, but mostly I want to know the scores of the designs I score just like the old site/Atrium. I'll never go back and check all those designs when they're finished.


Fark, I wrote a post about 404s in design pages and it got eaten.

No-one reads this anymore anyway.

Steve The Great

Hey, can I make a request?

I'd love a link to the "everything" section at the bottom of forum pages too. I miss that.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

The "participated" filter doesn't work for me. Does it work for anyone else? Is that a known bug?

I'm still avoiding using the beta site.

briancook profile pic Alumni
tracerbullet said:

The "participated" filter doesn't work for me. Does it work for anyone else? Is that a known bug?

I'm still avoiding using the beta site.

Known...still waiting for this! I have to hop back and forth between beta and the old site ONLY because there is no filter. Please fix soon?

nintechno profile pic Alumni

Sorry if someone already mentioned this, but am I doing something wrong with trying to filter the forum to "participated and/or watched" and nothing happens?

I'm having the same issue.


Ah, changing scores is possible now. Cool!

Opening designs remains a major hassle. Countless refreshes needed then some more wait.

Scoring still gets wild after a while, esp if too fast or trying to go back. Going back with the browser arrows still results in designs going forward.

It's been said before but the possibility of scoring from the 'view all' pages is both stupid (encourages careless mass vote) and annoying (accidental scores instead of opening designs).


Oh and clicking designer's names in design pages often 404s.

digsy profile pic Alumni
palitosci said:

The links

doesnt work in the comments page design

this - it's such an awesome feature, it's a shame its not working.

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni
skaw said:

yea what's happening for you guys? working for me too.

its weird, some designs it works.. but i just tried it again now and it just refreshes the page when i click on someones

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

k i just went on 5 different design pages, and when clicking someones link in the comments, it just refreshes the page instead of going to their profiles.

briancook profile pic Alumni

It hasn't been working for me - when I click "score now!" on my design page it just reloads MY design. I have to click on the username to go to their page and score their design.

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