Threadless got their !^!@# in order

*Thanks guys, sorry for being a bi%@$

Made 2 subs for Gap comp and 1 was 'stuck in pending' so I had to email staff to get into voting.
SAME THING happens with Sony comp on and now the comp is over so I missed the entire competition due to a glitch in the system. Nobody can even vote on it.

I hate complaining. I tend to see it as whining. But fudge me mang. Why am I spending time designing crap if it doesn't even stand a chance of getting voted on, not saying my stuff is good enough to win but come on.

I know I know its a glitch, an accident, but it still got under my skin and I needed to vent.

Watch this
soloyo profile pic Alumni

There must be a glitch on this blog, all I can see are @#%@# *^&

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

damn, that sucks Jeff

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

as a reply to my own post just thought I would add I am not that pissed about this, Threadless is awesome and the staff is doing everything they can to make this alright. Thanks guys and have a great day.... OH YEAH! and no more political ads!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I'm wondering what's up with all of the 404 errors here lately? I'm trying to vote from the front page and every time I want to see a full view I get a 404 error. :-( I would like to appreciate the good ones in their full view glory!

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