Dog Hoodies - Haters have hated.. Stats


  1. Sweet Bone

342 scores

Avg Score : 2.63

59 fives
123 ones

  1. Doggy Back

  1. Doggy Back - Wip

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What is the concept about? Sorry if I'm being slow lol


Scored your recycling one btw I think it's well executed :)

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I have an idea for a dog' s hoodie, would love to collab with you on it. Send me an e-mail if interested.


It took me a second to get this. I think the generic bone needs to be more identifiable as a cat's, or maybe a cat toy also poking out of the bag...


please add little cat heads with Xs on them


title: "No Mewcy"


Oh right is it a dogs body bag for a cat then? If so then yeah put in some more visual clues but nice idea :)


Doggy Back is better now :-)

I like littlem's idea of a lot of cat heads with most of them X'd out (maybe Kill Every Cat as a headline above with a grid of cat heads below) — the dog is a serial cat killer ;-)


Hmm, I don't know why others aren't commenting. Maybe cat lovers are too offended? You might also do a quick mock-up on a dog hoodie, since at first I thought your design was for printing on an actual backpack :-\

Sintalento profile pic Alumni

love the "sweet bone" concept: clear and direct. I think that there is no need for backpack for the "doggy back" design. maybe just putting the stickers and buttons directly on the hood will make concept more clear...

( I would appreciate some feedback for my design too ;)

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

The bone heart is one of my favorites in the competition! Love the backpack one too. Sub it yet?


Luckily I saw that you had submitted it.

Right now, it's harder to see when your favorite designers have new submissions up for scoring :-\

Wharton profile pic Alumni

My last two subs have totally bombed too, they scored lower than if they were on the last site. There are a fishy amount of 1s going round.

Sintalento profile pic Alumni

Don't worry, it's one of the best designs.. bet it is printed, good luck!


Haters hate because they can't produce. Don't let it get you down, you're one of the best designers here :-)


Not good ;-( Yours was a cute design. Just looked at mine. I subbed 3 designs, got over a hundred 1s on each of them. 140 on on one! That was the one with the most fives too. Wassupwidat? They got between twenty and thirty fives, scored in the low to mid 2s. meh. . . my usual.

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