Mumm, Mumm, Mumm, Mumm

  • by killjoy83
  • posted Nov 01, 2012

Mumm, Mumm, Mumm, Mumm

Watch this

I was so going to buy this until I saw the placement :(


Agreed ):


Such an awesome design, such half baked placement :(.. when it's on sale I would consider buying it thou, I think..


I personally find the placement interesting and unique, rather than the standard right-smack-in-the-middle approach.

What I am more concerned about are the printed colors on the T-shirts, which look faded and washed out, compared to the vibrant colors of the original design (unless it is just a case of sub-optimal color balancing?).


Have to agree with the 1st few commenters about placement. I definitely would have liked to see it much bigger, and centralised. The whole point is to show off cookie monster, right?


I agree with the complaint about the placement. The design (drawing) blows me away but the placement on the adult t-shirt just blows. Look at the baby onesy with the design centrally placed, looks great.


i want black tee~~~~~


I personally like the placement on the tee, haha. Because it isn't his full body I think it looks nicer closer to the hem rather than awkwardly ending in the center. And the faded colors look better aesthetically on a creme shirt. I don't know why people are complaining, but I guess it's just a matter of preference!


placement is bad, design is phenomenal!!!!


Love the placement, im gonna buy it in a few more days :)

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