Enter to win an entire MADE collection!

  • by skaw
  • posted Oct 31, 2012
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spacesick profile pic Alumni

that's like asking me to choose between ass and titties

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Do we have to pick one? Where is the ALL of the above choice?

Musarter profile pic Alumni

All those artists are amazing and worthy. It is a hard decision but I would personally choose the Minoza's first and then Blair Sayer as my second choice.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Picked the ones that I would love to wear an entire collection of. Francis & Laurence!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

jared wins my heart and my vote


wow, blair and jared are my top 2. hmmmmm

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

i would cry if 'left behind' by jared got printed. ahem, ahem.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Jared, Thomas and Charlemkwenfkenfrjkfnhr aka huebucket would be my picks, but each and every artist listed above I would find a couple tees of theirs to proudly wear.


man, this is really tough. i would wear so many of those tees, you awesome artists. so many.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

jared for president

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

I find it odd that Threadless would add Lora Zombie to the mix, she's amazing no doubt, but considering she only has 2 or 3 Threadless prints and is kind of a celebrity with around 19,000 fans on her facebook page it makes her the obvious winner. Why would they put her against "regular" designers and not against other big guns with large followings? she's already doubled and tripled almost everyone else in votes.

Bizarre choice.

Sure, I'd like to see Tomas win, but David, Char and Jared would be great too.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

I don't do facebook, so consider the above my vote and mail my swag to the usual address, ta.

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Also, I would like to register my sincere outrage at not having made the above list.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I love them all but since I have to pick one, I wrote each name in a piece of paper, place them inside a bag and took one out


pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I voted!! :D

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

Thanks for all the awesome support everyone!!! These are some amazing designers in the group and I am definitely humbled to be included!! Good luck to everyone!

... but not too much luck ;)


Nicebleed for me Nanda has the skillz but id like to see more varied subject matter

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Cheers to those of you who liked me. Such hard choices really.

Best of luck to my homie Jared too. If it's not me I hope it's him.

Farnell profile pic Alumni

Good luck everyone - am amazed and thrilled to have even been shortlisted for this.

DRO72 profile pic Alumni

Thx much Threadless people! Pretty stunned to be one of these 10... one of the reasons Threadless is so cool is that someone less established here like me, with not-very-intimidating scores, can be noticed and be considered for something incredible like this... take note all, everyone's definitely got a shot here!

Great to be among the other 9, and to see kind comments from some of the artists I admire most.

Really appreciate all your likes, shares and signups!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Has anyone won a MADE collection by sharing the link??

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

fail.. i just shared without actually checking how old the thread is hahaha ,...

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