Threadless Project - Video Process

I was inspired by Mitch's blog today, and decided to record the process of a project I'm doing at work. Check it out! :D

Click the illustration to see the video process

Watch this
jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

so awesome. nice job my minion

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Amazing video!

ben chen
ben chen profile pic Alumni




alexmdc profile pic Alumni

palitosci - about 7 hours

aaron - the taco is up your . . . :D

xiv - This is for a Threadless Singapore event, we are having people screenprint this design along with 4 others created by artist from Singapore, on top of the Threadless logo tshirts.

campkatie profile pic Alumni

awesome to see!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

you guys should give it a try! it's pretty simple to capture with a mac, using quicktime, and imovie to piece it together!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

you're too good

badbasilisk profile pic Alumni

hey alex - which art pad do you use? i still thinking about buying one and could need an advice ...


love the barfing clown. so many great little details!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

I use a cintiq right now, but whenever I dont have access to one I use a regular wacom medium sized.

I think Ray Frenden posted some suggestions on his blog of one he uses and its a lot cheaper, his linework is amazing

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