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I need a scanner that doesn't suck. Tell me about yours?

What scanner do you have? Does it suck?

I've been scannerless for a few months now, and have been amassing a huge amount of paper art that I want to digitize.

I probably don't want one that's also a printer. I guess sometimes if you run out of ink you can't scan anything? And that's dumb.

But, uh, recommendations? Or ones to stay very, very far away from?

Talk to me.

Watch this

Epson used to make good stuff. Got a 4990 in 2005, it would still be great if it hadn't got dirty on the inside of the glass, which will sooner or later make it useless for serious work. Opening it and cleaning it myself isn't an option (unless for fun: a single piece of dust on the sensor and that's a black line on all scans forever), and having it done by them is as costly as a new one or more.

Also, you don't want one that's also a printer ;)

Also, hi Sara!


I just remember someone (Isajoe?) blogged about a good cheap A3 thing a while back.


Cool. I figure that I'll probably get a relatively cheap regular old consumer scanner that I can replace without too much hassle, unless anyone can point to something better and swear by it.

If I need large format or anything really professional (color? man, I suck at calibrating colors) done, I can probably just take the artwork into a shop and ask them to do an art scan for me. I know there's a place in my city that specialises in that.

I'll poke around a bit and look at old threads. Probably should have done that first, but... that is not the way of the internet.



I need a scanner for photos mostly.


epson perfection 3170 photo. Just what i have. it's been fine for a few years now. Wasn't expensive. Probably better versions around now. hope that's some help ;-)

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