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Cart Status: 4294968000 items

Oh my. Is Threadless trying to alleviate the US national debt?

Watch this

BTW I just found this site called "Twitter". I'm @egobias because some miserable non-tweeter is sitting on @kidaro.

Since this site seems to be in the process of changing beyond recognition I may be forced to use twitter as outlet for my rants and quips in the future.

Follow me because I am your leader of tomorrow!


Uh oh, just got a first "item in your cart running out" mail. There will be a LOT of those if I can't change my cart status.

But when I click the cart I guess it tries to display 4,294,968,000 items and my computer can't handle that.

I'm serious, this is freaking weird.


I finally managed to open it, but I can't seem to empty it except by going through every single item. That will take a long time.

Please help!


I remember this happening once before about a year ago? It happened to quite a few people, but it was just a bug and threadless fixed it pretty quickly. Maybe just send them a help request?

digsy profile pic Alumni

hang on, threadless has over 4 billion items in stock?? seriously?!


Obiously not, digsy. It's just a bug, but an annoying one.


Help request sent. Weird glitch, innit?



I think that at that point the cart should look at least a little happier than that

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Good thing there's a sale. Don't forget to use the code !!!


FMM, right? The cart should be doing cartwheels of joy! Heh, pun definitely intended.


Fixed, thanks! Poor cart ain't smiling nomore.


That's good :)

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