Problem uploading design gap worn

Hi , need some help as im trying to upload a design for the gap worn challenge but it seems like I cant do it , load two slides not bigger than 250k both , title , description & tags filled , all ok , then I press submit and take me to the next window with preview submission, all seems ok till there , after clicking the "submit design" button then a new window appear showing ... " Internal Server Error
We’re sorry. Does not compute."

Tried about 4 or 5 times and always the same , can somebody help me please.

Thanks in advance.

Watch this

Also having this error.

ilyya profile pic Alumni

I got the error when I tried to submit, it worked my second time though.

Farnell profile pic Alumni

I had this problem a couple of times - it worked in the end. Think the new site is fucked - still no comments on any designs

digsy profile pic Alumni

i've had that on the atrium before, not the new site, although they seem to be running submissions in much the same way. like the others it just worked eventually - it did take me several hours once though :-s

sayahelmi profile pic Alumni

me too, got an internal server error message too when i click the submit button in the preview page. that sucks.


same, except my submission is due I think in an hour.

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