New design made with love, submitted with the wrong color :D

Hello fellas!

I've made a design for the Soundtrack contest (this one ->here)

But then I've tried in black and white by tweaking a bit the thing, and it's nicer (I guess). Like this:

Well anyway if you appreciate drawings with too many things. I'm still confused by the new Threadless and I feel frustrated not being able to show my illustrations the best way possible (horizontal crops are not the best thing for me!)


Watch this
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Aw nice, Beta Forum doesn't work in regular Threadless... Good!

So link here !

And image there :

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Sadness, no one cares. Blah.


Done! =) The new site bugs discourage scoring and commenting though. Also this place is dead on weekends!

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Yes, that's true! But things seem to have changed in a the span of a year or two!

The new version of the site is so hard to relate to :)

And thanks by the way! I've been suddenly feeling totally out of place since the new version happened...


I care! Hi Aphte!

I think threadless themselves are still settling in to the new site. It'll be great once it's working properly, though.


Just scored you! Nice Design! Anyway, you're right, I think that in B/W it's nicer! :D

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Thanks a lot!!

I'm sure the Beta website will be amazing, and right now it's currently in-between websites so it's normal :)

Anyway, thanks for the nice words!

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