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PHOTOSHOP CHALLENGE: Suggest a science fiction Halloween costume for Dane

Hey, remember last year when we asked you to help Dane choose a Halloween costume? Let’s do that again!

This time, use these photos to create a science fiction themed costume for Dane.

You have until Monday, 10/23 10am to submit.

If we choose your design, Dane will have to recreate it for his Halloween costume and you’ll get a $50 Threadless gift code!

Ready, set, boo.

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Dane as Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner...yes, it's terrifying, but I bet you can't look away... and halloween's all about the scary!!


well, someone had to....

sarah_bwmn profile pic Staff

Blade Runner Dane!!!!

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni
_EffinSweet_ said:
hotweaselsoup said:
lavandergooms said:


bahahahahaha! omigod I have no words



Sexy witgout having to show a lot of skin. Perfect.


Hahaha Zardoz Dane!!!


anyone feelin' Mork?


this one reeeeally made me giggle.


kidding aside, wouldn't this be AWESOME??


because all aliens are bare-chested and wear black jeans.


I feel strongly that if he goes as Darth Vader, it should be sexy Darth Vader.


how about this?

...or maybe bane?

jbauzin said:

just ask ^^ , the uss enterprise by John deere :D

Funny thing about this one especially. My brother for real works at a John Deere dealership. Upon seeing this, I asked him for an estimate on an actual John Deere USS Enterprise. This was his response: "Well, I looked into it and here is what I came up with. From what I can go by that we have in stock, we’re looking at around $300,000 for our steepest combine, $150,000 for our best planter, and $250,000 for the biggest tractor that we have on the lot as of now. I’m pretty sure each of these pieces of equipment will be reconfigured to go into the spaceship as well as other implements. So we’re looking at a base price of around $700,000. Now, if this can be purchased before October 26, it will be about 4% less because that is the deadline for our incentive programs. With the pre-end of fiscal period discounts, your base price would be around $672,000. I wish this is where we could price the USS John Deere to you. Unfortunately, after extensive research, we found that there are more options that go into putting this deal together. After consulting with our district John Deere representative, we discovered that it takes a lot more than just a combine, tractor, and planter thrown together to build a JD Spaceship. I know what you’re thinking, this Spaceship deal is starting to turn into a Spaceshit deal. Well you’d be right because it looks like once all of the engineers have done their work in experiments as well as obtaining the other components that will make this thing fly, our total is a little bit higher than we thought. After figuring in shipping costs, sales tax, and John Deere Spacesuits, your final total comes to $598,455,394,274.87. Let me know if you guys are serious about ordering this so that I can get it through to John Deere credit. Remember, if you guys don’t go ahead and agree to this deal before October 26, you lose that 4% discount we talked about. Trust me, the last guy who ordered one of these without the discount had to sell his house."


should he go super classic? it's hard to beat Metropolis.


...and everybody loves the sexy cylon from Battlestar Galactica....

I'm starting to feel like I should leave Dane alone!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I had a theme: Star Trek

Wesley "Dane" Crusher

Dane Wheaton Infinity

Dane as Rasta Trekie


how about Mystique from X-Men?


he'd have to shave his head for this one.


Steampunk cyborb zombie Dane!


Classic Steampunk! Please, please put him in this. Seriously. How funny would it be.


Do it old school with Trip to the Moon!


go to the wildest party in the galaxy


bigger on the inside - dane as the tardis


weird science just crashed the party

although, i always thought MacGyver was science fiction, too. =)

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