The New Threadless & New Design

Hey guys,

I have a new design up for scoring on The Beta Thredless site:

I could use your vote. Please.

Also, any thoughts on the new site?

I've picked up a bug or two and it feels really strange navigating it after years of using this site.

I look forward to being more familiar with it.

Watch this

Voted! Love your work (especially your kid design!) I too find the new site a bit disorientating, but I'm sure will become second nature after a while...


Well thank you for creating great work! You're an inspiration!

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

Voted and commented earlier.. nicely done man always love your work. Jaco if you dont mind, i posted a WIP blog for a new sub im working on and could use some constructive criticism from any willing party haha

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

Thanks Bud! Good luck.. this print has me chuckling everytime

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

awesome jaco ;D

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Haha love it!

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