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Hello, im new the tshirt design world but felt enticed to design one, well everyone makes it look so easy! please give constructive feed back for my f

ok, i dont know how to upload photos to blogs so the design im talking about is my profile pic for now, please help! thanks

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_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

host your image on photobucket or the likes, if you are using the old forum, copy the html code and paste it, if your using the beta version click the camer button and insert the image URL and voila! As for the design it looks good but is hard to make out so its hard to critique. Good luck!

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Alumni

Ah now i see it.. nicely done. Another alternative you could try is have the pages blowing off from the bottom of the tee, and those pages that have blown off becoming the musical notes floating through the air. just an idea

Sir Paint-a-Lot

i hadnt though of that, might try it cheers

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