WIP - Even Monsters Get Sleepy

I missed the GAP challenge with this idea but figured I would submit in the kids clothing. I was wondering if you all thought this was good to go or if I need any shadows on it or have a simple shadow underneath him. I have wanted to do an offset design and this idea seemed to fit with it.

Any advice or comments are welcome!

Watch this

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Aw! That's great! I really like it. I think you're good to go!


it looks wonderful! Very cute. I like the one on the blue shirt best.


I think it will fit the kids image perfect! but did you tried some color schemes?? that would be interesting to see!

Space Wizard

I think it's pretty good. You might try some alternatives for the colours - I think the purple/pink and green clash a bit, and it might be nicer with more pastel colours, or just something that looks a bit softer together.

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I'd aslo suggest you revise the colours - but like it a lot! maybe an additional pair of arms that he is stretching (over his head)? and therefore 'delete' two of the legs in the bg... ? (another monster could sleep on his tongue-tip.. or even a kid .. :)

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