How can I reduce a file size?

On a new site it says:

Choose the file(s) to display your design. Use up to 3 images in GIF or JPG format (RGB mode not CMYK), 845 pixels wide x 445 pixels tall. If you upload multiple images, they will display as a slideshow. All three of your slides combined should be under 250 KB.

I have all 3 slides with the same size as needed but they exceed 250KB? How do I reduce it?

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Wharton profile pic Alumni

It might sound like a silly question, but are you 'save for web' in photoshop? That usually reduces file sizes signficantly.

ibyes profile pic Alumni

When you save for web in photoshop, adjust the quality using the outlined menus. a higher quality equals higher k size. which you will see reflected on the bottom left of the save for web window.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

From that menu in the upper right corner you can choose "Optimize to file size" where you can enter your desired file size. Quick and easy!

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

It did reduce it, and my file is under 250kb so thank you!

But now when I submit it, I can't see all slides in preview but I think that's an error with their page...

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

A dva puta sam vec submitala, kako je da je pa cu vidit kad krene u natječaj, na šta će to sličit...isto fala!

ArTrOcItY profile pic Alumni

Ili sam ja idiot, kao što bi moja pokojna baba rekla ;), ali u ovoj beta novoj verziji ne mogu nać kritiku, mislim ima je , ali piše da je work in progress...


Does it mean that each of the pictures I post should each be UNDER 250 KB, or together add up as less than 250 KB?

Although it says "combined" I think if I reduce their sizes to something less than 250/3, they will be very lame.

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