Deer set

Watch this

And what you wanna hear about it?


@messthem A critique, isn't that what this is for?


There is something about the front antler that seems off--I think it may be the amount of detail lost by the placement of the ear? The back antler is clear and distinct, but something definitely seems lost on the front one.

Also, if you happen to have time, I would appreciate feedback on my design: O Captain


I like it .. I feel like it's missing something..... but I do like it!


I just wanted to hear-maybe you have something there you don't like! But yep i agree with kirstin.bone there is something missing in details!



Ah ok I though maybe you meant I was supposed to include other information. Cheers for the input, v2 will be up soon.


@kristin bone

I'll work on defining the space between the two for v2. Now that you mentioned it I do agree. Cheers

Ru Chery

Nice work! I agree maybe you can work on defining the space a little. I think that might help. I think this design will look great when it's all set and done. keep going with this. Overall nice work!!

p.s My design is up for scoring!! If you have a moment please score my design, "strangers from the outside". I would really appreciate it. After you're done scoring feel free to leave a comment on the submission page if you like. Thank you so much

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